Iron meteorites are fragments of the nickel-iron cores of planets, released during cataclysmic collisions!


The pretty bracelet is sterling silver, Seymchan meteorite and Swarovski crystal © beads,
priced at £30



These two bracelets have been made to
a neutral /pink colour scheme. All of
these bracelets measure a minimum
of 18 cm, depending on silver beads used,

all at £30 each

All genuine Swarovski© and Seymchan
meteorite beads.

These two necklaces are both 18" long,
the left using two greens coloured
Preciosa© beads, the right using some
of the last of my Swarovski© beads,
jet coloured.

The necklace on the left is £45,

on the right is £40

These are old stock iron beads, and
are unavailable now.


These lovely pendants are crafted
from polished, etched and sealed slices
of the spectacular Seymchan
pallasite (left)and Muonionalusta
siderite (right). Stable and mounted in
stainless steel with sterling
silver chains, these items are sold in
presentation boxes at £20 each.

The backs are mirror polished.

Several large masses of this iron have been found in the Aletai county in China, the most recent in June 2021.

The slices are mounted in polished kirsite,
a zinc alloy and sealed with glass.

The single large item on the left is £50,
those on the right £20 each.

All are supplied with a sterling silver 16 " chain, boxed

On the left, some more Aletai slices,
etched to show the Widmanstatten
pattern and then buffed with
a crystalline wax.

£20 each



The pendants on the right are again Aletai slices and are 15 mm across
at the
widest part

£20 each
All are supplied with a sterling silver 16 " chain, boxed


Here are some petite Muonionalusta
etched slices. The pendants are
12mm across

£10 each


On the right are three teardrop Seymchan pendants, enclosed in stainless steel and
sealed to preserve the beautiful etching.
(one remaining)

£35 each


These long, etched Muonionalusta
pendants range from
4 - 4.5 cm in length and come boxed
with a sterling silver chain.
I have just these four at present,
available at £25 each

This Seymchan pendant is
mounted in
sterling silver
and coated on both sides with acrylic.

£75 - one only

From a fall that occurred in February,
1947 in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains
NE of Vladivostok, Russia, this is
one of the best-known and most
iconic of the nickel-iron

Our examples come with sterling silver
chains and presented in plush-lined
boxes. Prices range from £45
(above right) to £40 (left) and £35 (right)

These nickel-iron crystals are from
the Campo del Cielo meteorite that
fell in Argentina over 6000 years ago:
they were liberated from a large
example by super-cooling in
liquid nitrogen. Available in various sizes:

- left £30 and
£15 - right £20
1cm cube for comparison

The Gibeon iron meteorite (left) was
discovered in Namibia in 1838.
We currently only have the one example,
at £60

The earrings on the right also feature
Gibeon beads, mounted in sterling silver
caps and wires at £25 (1 set left)

Gibeon £60

The Canyon Diablo meteorite was
responsible for the famous Barringer
Crater in Arizona. This was the first
crater on Earth to be recognised as
being extraterrestrial in origin!

Our examples are very reasonably
priced (given the increasing difficulties
in obtaining this meteorite)
at £50 ( left) and £40 (right)

This cute bracelet charm
is available with Canyon Diablo/
Sikhote Alin iron at £10 each
(chain not incl).

The delightful pendant on the right
is carved from Dronino, an iron
meteorite found in Russia in 2000.

£35, one only
The Henbury fall was found in 1931 in
the Northern Territory, Australia.
The area is now protected in an
enclosed conservation reserve.
The small speciments on the right
£30 each.
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