At over four billion years old, chondrite meteorites are the most ancient rocks in the Solar System!

These pretty necklaces
combine the sparkle of
crystal beads
with the wonder of stone
meteorite beads from space!
The meteorite is NWA869, a
classified stone found in
North West Africa.

The crystals used are Hyacinth
(orange) and Smoked Topaz
(right) Citrine and Topaz (left)

The stones and crystals are 6mm
£40 each

Why Preciosa crystal beads? This is a quote from the then CEO of Swarovski in 2021:

"It's very painful for everybody, but we have to take the steps that we should have taken years ago,"
said Buchbauer, 54. In the future, Swarovski will focus on higher quality products with unique designs rather
than trying to offer everything for everybody, he said. "Swarovski crystals on a 10-euro T-shirt don't add to
our profitability and hurt our brand image."

Strange to relate, Daniel Swarovski, the founder of Swarovski, learned all he needed to know about crystals
in a Czech Rebublic factory, now the Preciosa Group, before setting up a new company.

The necklace on the left is made
using Preciosa crystals in
Pink Sapphire and Crystal
Argent Flare (clear).

The necklace on the right has
Jet and Crystal AB
coloured Preciosa.

Both are £40


These two necklaces are made using polished NWA869 chips, rather
than beads, together with
Swarovski beads, which have
now been phased out
to the small buyer.


£25 each

I always you Beadalon 49 strand wire
for strength and flexibility.


Cut from stone meteorites,
4.5 billion years old!

Presented in a plush-lined
case, with a sterling chain,
these stunning L5
common chondrites (NWAs)
glitter with nickel-iron speckles ..

The four shapes above, together with the
selection to the near right,
are all £25.

The small heart on the far right,
measuring 20mm across and the same
from the base of the bail to the point
is £15

All come with a sterling silver 16" chain.

The fragment of a carbonaceous
stone meteorite is enclosed in a
sterling silver locket

On the right is a 'puffed' heart
carved from a classified
chondrite NWA869.

It is attached to the sterling
silver chain using sterling
silver wire and is polished.

Only one left at £50

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