A natural alternative to clingfilm (made using my beeswax, 100% cotton, jojoba and coconut oil only)

I have been a beekeeper for two years now, since retiring from full-time work. I am still a beginner and its a steep learning curve, as they can be quite unpredictable, depending on what our weather does. One can read all the books available, but the bees are still wild and they will do what they have to for the sake of the whole colony.


As I have gained more confidence, I have started to save their wax, rather than discard it, as I did last year. There are several things to be made using beeswax and it would be useful to recoup at least some of continual outlay. Candles are all very pretty but I myself don't really use them and I thought it would be good to make use of the antibacterial properties of beeswax. After research on the internet, I decided it would be fun to make wraps and do my part in minimising the use of clingfilm.


Wax wraps can be used to wrap leftovers in the fridge, pack up sandwiches for the children (do tell them not to throw the wrap away!), cover bowls of food etc. As wraps cannot be cleaned in hot water (the wax will melt), it is not advised to use them for raw fish or meat.

I have decided on four different sizes of wraps:

16 cm x 16 cm

25 cm x 25 cm

33 cm x 33 cm

1 metre x 33 cm (so you can cut to your own requirements)

TO USE , simply place item/s in an appropriately sized wrap and enclose in your hands, thus warming the wax slightly and shaping the wrap around the food.

TO CLEAN, wipe gently in cool water and mild washing up liquid, rinse and air dry. It is then ready to be used again and again and will last for at least a year, if used properly. It can be refreshed after a few months by placing on a baking tray and popping in an oven (140 deg C) - not microwave oven - for a minute and wafting in the air by the top corners for a few seconds. When the wrap can be resurrected no more, it can be composted or used as a firelighter.

As I currently only have one hive and at most two, my wax is now almost gone for this year, so the stock below is all I have until next year starts again.

These are my smallest packs. They are 16 cm square and are good for protecting a cut cucumber, wrapping an onion, small leftovers, a few nuts, raisins or biscuits for lunch etc.

Each one costs £2.50

These packs are 25 cm square and are £4 each.

They could be used to wrap
a piece of fruit, eg melon, grapefruit, a lump of cheese ..........



The next three illustrations are of the 33 cm square packs. These are aimed mainly at sandwiches in children's packed
lunches, which is why I have used some child-friendly fabrics.
They would also cover a bowl of salad etc and are priced at £6 each.


These wraps can be rinsed, dried and used again and again for at least a year.

Finally, I have the 1 metre x 33 cm roll,
for those of you who would like to choose your own shapes and sizes.


This is my last one for now, priced at £18

All wraps come with an instruction sheet tucked into the card wrapper
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